Printer Hiccups and Sad Grrrl Fest

'Evening, dear friendos~ Tonight, the buzzing of my printer keeps me company. I've only had this Epson SureColour P600 for a couple of months and, well, we're in a committed relationship now. I am utterly in love; it's hardworking, vibrant, and of course have the odd spot of trouble every now and then. Mostly it all boils down to miscommunication. No, really. The only problems I've had with this printer have been wireless problems. Not even the printer's wireless -- it's my own router being a bit dodgy. Actually come to think of it, I have loaded the paper upside down once or twice.  After all, it is human to err, and the printer forgives me. Below; The horrors of wifi dropout, and the perils of 'wrong side of the paper' next to the right side!

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"whiiiirrrrr click-hummmmmm (The human made me do it.)" -- Epson SCP600, 'Eppie' I've been rather new to the whole world of printing, and this printer is my first. Prior to this year I've worked almost exclusively in digital mediums where the end goal has been digital use, a printer really seemed like some kind of great luxury priced out of reach. Honestly, it still feels like it was a budget breaker -- but I've been so used to a very teeny income that the concept of investing in myself, and my work as a business was one that I needed a lot of warming up to. Self confidence hasn't exactly been my forte, but I'm working on it! In other, perhaps more exciting breaking news, my prints are making a bit of a Market Debut this weekend at the Sad Grrrl's Fest market! I won't be there with them as the event is sold out, but I shed a little tear as I packaged up my sweet babies to go out into the big wide world. They're going to be with the most lovely art-babe Rachel Ang, alongside her latest zine (I had sneak peeks, and it looks MAD!) and a few other lovelies I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting. I thought I'd post a few snaps of my print packaging method, so you can get your own little peek into what's going out there! 14456674_10157460533780551_1035799047_oFirst, I separate the two A5 prints using a steady hand, a sharp blade and a metal ruler. The technique that works best for me is light, even strokes repeatedly down the ridge of the ruler until the blade slides freely. I use a lined cutting mat to ensure the slice is perfectly positioned -- no wonky edges around here! 14466350_10157460533570551_428792637_oI then sign the back according to the front print, with the series or print name and the year it was made. I'm sure I'll get into editioned series soon, and I have a logo paper-embosser coming in the mail! Cannot wait until it arrives <3 14466381_10157460533625551_1319386236_oPackaging time! I have some acid-free recycled cardboard backings, a finished print and an acid-free clear sleeve~ It's very important that all the elements that come into contact with the print are ph neutral, otherwise the print's integrity will be damaged and it could fade and stain. Packaged and handled with care, and this lovely print is set to outlive me! 14466247_10157460533360551_1371562381_oWrap it all up, seal it with a sticker and we're ready to go! I got my custom sticker booklet from Moo, and incidentally my business cards will be coming from there as well! I'm a sucker for their gorgeous luxe cardstock 😉

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