Inktober Challenge 2016!

Ink, and October - They don't seem to have a lot in common. Maybe you've been wondering what is all this fuss is about? For the uninitiated, Inktober is pretty simple. For every day in October, you make a piece of art with ink and then post it online with the #Inktober tag. That amounts to 31 illustrations in 31 days, which can feel a bit daunting if you're not in a regular routine or have been keeping your art in the shadows, but hey -- that's what a challenge is for! It even comes with a handy dandy official Prompt List, just to take the hard work out of wondering what to draw every day. The actual prompts themselves can be their own challenge, and help to get you drawing topics you might have avoided. 319c74ab8d74a39e-2016promptlist Originally this whole shenanigan was started by Jake Parker; as a way to practice not just inking, but also to foster good creating habits. Duck over to Jake's page if you'd like some more tips - he even has some really juicy looking lessons on inking. It's been a while since it first popped up in 2009, and it's grown quite a following --  very popular amongst arty types of all skill levels, as you can take it easy by doing alternating days, or just when you have spare time for it as I have in the past. It's relaxing and meditative if you take it low pressure, and a super fast way to build your technical skills and train your creativity if you ramp it up a notch! I've made friends and art buddies along the way, as well as seriously improving my skills. I have a special snippet from my personal archives, here's some of my pieces from when I participated in Inktober 2014! tumblr_nepfrmsvyc1qfxyc3o10_1280 I have to say, I've come a long way in two years! Since then I've found my favourite ink and method (Kuretake Zig Black Ink 60, with a fine 000 taklon brush) I feel that there's still a long path ahead of me, and I'm curious to see how much my skills improve just from this month of inking. Maybe later down the track, I'll have to post a comparison of day 1 and 31! You can follow my progress on my Instagram channel, where I'm aiming to post a new ink drawing every day! If you've been thinking about jumping on this challenge, just go ahead and do it! I've found challenges like these to be the ultimate rut-buster for my work, and I hope it's the same for you. All it takes is a pen, some guts and a few minutes out of your day <3  

14482962_1067594570023463_181238969827065856_nInktober 2016, Day 4 - HUNGRY

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